Creating a Page

Feb 08, 2021

“Posts” and “pages” are very similar. They both contain text, images, and links, but they have slightly different roles:

  • Posts appear on your home page, in the archive, and in your blog’s RSS feed
  • A link to a page will appear in the site navigation at the top of every page on the site

Common uses for pages include:

  • A description of your site, who you are, what a visitor might expect from this blog — ex., “About”
  • Information about contacting you via Twitter, by email, or some other means

If pages don’t seem necessary for your blog, that’s okay!

Crumpled paper arranged to look like speech bubble

Creating a page

Let’s say you want to add an About page to your new blog.

Like posts, pages are created and managed in your blog’s Portway project.

  1. Click or tap the + button at the top of the Documents sidebar
  2. Enter the title for your page — About

Next, insert a new String field named type with the value page:

Type field in Portway

See Using fields for details on inserting fields into a Portway document

This field is what distinguishes a page from a post when your blog is being built. If it’s missing, or doesn’t have the correct name or value, the document will be published as a post.

Other page metadata

There are a couple of other page properties you can manage using Portway fields.

You may not want all your pages to appear in the site’s navigation bar.

To remove a page from the navigation, add a String field anywhere in your Portway document with the name navigation and the value false:

Navigation field in Portway


By default, pages will appear from left to right in the site’s navigation in the order they were created.

To customize the sort order, add a Number field anywhere in your Portway document with the name sort and the desired position in the site navigation:

Sort field in Portway

That’s a wrap!

At this point, hopefully you’ve successfully deployed your new site, published your first blog post, and created a new About page.

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If you ran into any hiccups or snags getting up and running, please let me know!